Is NuvaRing More Dangerous than the Pill?

There are many types of birth control in the market, reproductive health surveys say, pointing out that vaginal rings and pills are more popular. Then again, there have been several issues with the use of vaginal rings and they are being compared with the other designs and formulations in terms of safety. Several NuvaRing lawsuits were even filed by distressed consumers. In a recent study there are indications that the small plastic ring is much dangerous than taking pills. More than 1.6 million Read more [...]

Want Successful Spinal Procedure? Let Two Surgeons Do It, Experts Say

Patients who undergo complex and potentially risky spinal surgeries have much better chances of survival with two attending surgeons than just one, medical researchers from the University of California claim in their study. Spinal surgeries are complex and complicated procedures that have traditionally been performed by a team led by one surgeon. This new protocol for performing spinal surgeries has been shown to be beneficial, particularly for elderly patients with spinal fractures from osteoporosis Read more [...]

Water Exercises Boost Hip Replacement Rehabilitation Process

Hip replacement is considered as a major surgery which benefits patients with pain-free and easy movements. It is most helpful to those who previously felt pain in every move they make. However, there are recipients who reported serious complications caused by this surgical procedure and the metal-on-metal hip implant lawsuit presents more substantial information related to this matter. Once a patient had surgery, the rehabilitation process begins, health experts say. However, working out in the Read more [...]

Bladder Mesh Implant Malfunction Brings Injuries to Women Who Receive Them

Ageing women and those of childbearing age are often faced with health problems such as pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI) that sometimes require surgical operation with the use of mesh devices for relief, medical experts say. However, these devices have been reported to malfunction and bring about serious injuries, causing women to file legal claims related to bladder mesh implants and alleged side effects. In a federal lawsuit brought by two women against mesh device Read more [...]

Depression Raises Osteoporosis Risk in Premenopausal Women

Depression has been linked to loss of bone mass, leading to osteoporosis and increased risk of fractures, especially in premenopausal women, according to Hebrew researchers. Blockbuster bone drug, Fosamax, has been widely prescribed to individuals suffering from osteoporosis but there are various side effects that are associated with the pharmaceutical formulation and this page on Fosamax class actions helps explain more on this matter. The state of low mood and aversion to activity (that can Read more [...]